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The Rural Tourism: Activities and participants

Rural tourism is undoubtedly the best way to stay in touch with nature. The supply of quality accommodation in natural enclaves are growing in Spain. The rural accommodation respect the traditional architecture of the region and in turn provide all the comforts (the best) possible.

RURAL TOURISM practice of having an attitude committed to the natural environment. In addition, rural tourism is always tied to a cultural and historical significance of the places where you can enjoy your stay.

Many establishments, associations and agencies in Spain are betting on an ACTIVE TOURISM, respectful of the environment and culture.

Any participant in the development of any activity of rural tourism plays an important role in this new sector qualified tourism companies or alternative tourism.

The main employers are the Rural Tourist Accommodation Owners offfering their product (stay in their homes, hotels, apartments, inns ...) to those customers who love nature, within a rural setting.
The tourism product offering can be seen as a new tourism product quality and somehow also as an alternative to traditional tourism, sun and sand. That is why when it comes to publicizing the various proposals for rural tourism is necessary to develop a set of strategies for promotion of Rural Tourism imaginative offerings aimed at a segment of the population most demanding.

Some interesting activities that can be framed within what we mean by Rural Tourism could be:

- Travel activities in the field - holidays on farms - Accommodation in rooms of rural homes: houses, small hotels, inns, village houses etc ... - Food (Gourmet Routes) based on the traditional cuisine of the place - Follow-up entertainment and recreation in the rural environment of the accommodation chosen - Knowledge (cultural visits) of the local culture and ways of life as well as traditional handicrafts and cuisine - offers a variety of integrated and leisure - Direct contact with the natural environment - on Farm to agrotourism farms and wild fruit ...

Other economic sectors closely related to rural tourism:

* Retail, Restaurant, Catering, Cultural, Cook ...

Some other tourism activities and ALTERNATIVE ASSETS are:

* Cultural tourism, Multi and Ecology, Tourism relaxation and health programs Skiing, Nature Programs, programs for companies outdoors, Travel End of Course in direct contact with Nature ....

Rural Tourism: Some characteristics

Some of the features that accompany the Rural Tourism and that we must take into account when choosing the most suitable accommodation are:

* A detailed description of the cottage, number of rooms, quality of facilities, there are garden or swimming pool, beauty of the surroundings and its historic, recreational activities (festivals older) and sport centers, hiking (walking, cycling, on horse or by car) to points of interest near the cottages, restaurants, rates ...

Promotion and advertising of ENTERPRISES in

To advertise in, offer various options in order to meet all needs:

. - Promotional banners, sponsored websites, published reports ...

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