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Places of beauty, resorts, spas ...

The Body Care - Health and Beauty Center - Hotel specialize in healing and beauty and Spas:

In the best technical facilities of some Hotels & Spa can enjoy water treatments that help improve the body figure (get a good picture), to revitalize the skin and strengthen the muscles.

The opportunities that are presented in the specialized Centers (Hotels specializing in care of beauty, and wellness centers and other establishments related) are multiple:

* Massages
* Therapy with thermal water, mud and algae
* Bubble baths or showers with hot springs (in spas) very useful for removing toxins and reducing fat volume and localized.
* Peelings
* Clean facial (skin) with mask (Anti).
* Other treatments: Hair removal, acne problems, obesity (thinning treatments), hydration of the skin, tanning, nail and hand care (manicure), anti-cellulite treatment, care breasts ...

A weekend or a few more days are sufficient to recover energy (treatment with anti-stress and anti-exhaustion) and charge the batteries drained by the dizzying pace of modern life.
The hot springs with different properties such as skin properties (against burns, skin) or tranquilizers, the various spas that are in different counties and towns in the Spanish geography, are of great therapeutic interest.
Algunos importantes establecimientos turísticos clasificados como balnearios en España son: Some major tourist establishments classified as spas in Spain are:

* Andalucía: San Nicolás, Sierra Alhamilla, Fuente Amarga, Alhama de Granada, Graena, Lanjarón, Alicún de Torres, Sana Andrés, Marmolejo, Carratraca, Tolox...
*Aragón: Benasques, Panticosa, Camarena de la Sierra, Manzanera, Cantarero, Termas Pallarés, Termas de San Roque, Balneario Sicilia, Bañós de Serón, La Virgen, Paracuellos de Jiloca, Vilas del Turbón, Sicilia...
* Asturias: Caldas de Oviedo
* Baleares: San Juan de la Font Santa
* Cantabria: Alceda, Caldas de Besaya, Corconte, Liérganes, Puente Viesgo...
* Castilla-León: Caldas de Luna, Babilafuente, Ledesma, Retortillo, Palacio de Salinas
* Castilla-La Mancha: Benito, Baños de la Concepción, Tus, Fuencaliente, La Hijosa, Solán de Cabras, Cervantes...
* Cataluña: Titus, Caldes d´Estrac, Broquetas, Blancafort, Termes La Garriga, Codina, Prats, Vichy Catalán, Termas Orión, Caldes de Boi, Vallfogona, Termes Montbrió...
* Extremadura: Alange, El Raposo, Baños de Montemayor
* Galicia: Arteijo, Baños Viejos de Carballo, Fuente Santo Domingo de Paradiñas, Guitiriz, Herrería de Incio, Lugo, Vila Termal-Arnoia, Molgas, Caldas de Partovía, Gran Balneario, Babilafuente, Acuña, Dávila, Caldelas de Tuy, Termas de Cuntis, la Toja, Baños de Brea, Mondariz...
* La Rioja: Armedillo
* Murcia: Archena, Fortuna
* Navarra: Fitero
* Pais Vasco: Zestoa-Cestona
* Comunidad Valenciana: Benasal, Agrupación de Vaillavieja, Hervideros de Cofrentes, Chulilla...


From the Greek word thalassa, meaning "sea" is the medical use of seawater. Balneotherapy, the medical use of bathing, is a related health treatment. The properties of seawater are believed to have beneficial effects upon the pores of the skin. Thalassotherapy was developed in seaside towns in Brittany, France during the 19th century.

The effectiveness of this method as therapy is not widely acceptable as it has not been proven scientifically. The therapy is applied in various forms, as either showers of warmed seawater, application of marine mud or of algae paste, or the inhalation of sea fog. Spas make hot seawater and provide mud- and seaweed wrapping services.

Beneficial results on cardiac and respiratory disease, thyroid function, arteriosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, and eye diseases have been reported and studied.
Trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium sulphates, sodium, and iodine, found in seawater, are believed to be absorbed through the skin.

The beneficial effects of sea water have been known since ancient times for both the physical and mental ills. The aim is to penetrate the human body, through the skin of subcutaneous tissue, the chemical elements that contains sea water: iodine, sulfur, calcium, vitamins and minerals as well as its microscopic plankton and algae.

THALASSOTHERAPY techniques require the participation of professionals such as physiotherapists or hydrotherapy working in these centers.

Rheumatic disorders, post-traumatic sequelae, cases of stress (nervous fatigue, tiredness, tightness, insomnia), cellulite. All these problems are dealt with techniques of treatment with seawater (to regain the vitality lost):

* Massages - Showers underwater - Bath bubbly - Algotherapy - Sauna - Swimming pool - Gymnastics

- MUSIC THERAPY: The music is another relaxation technique (anti-stress) that increasingly finds more followers.

The world of Spas: The urban spas (The "spa")

The large (macro-spa) as the small center in which "take the waters" are in fashion. City hotels, gyms and shopping malls (healthy leisure centers) are home to the innovative urban spas.

Modern complex of water and beauty treatment are proliferating in all Spanish cities.

"Spas" are complemented perfectly with the "fitness" (sports areas or zones) and "treatment rooms for anti-stress and beauty. Prices for "spas" are not too high and relax and allow freed the accumulated tension after a hard day's work.

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