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Eco-tourism or eco-tourism is an approach to tourism activities in which tends toward sustainability, preservation and appreciation of the environment (both natural and cultural) that welcomes travelers. Although there are different interpretations, usually eco-tourism tourism is promoted as an "ethical", which is also presumed as paramount the welfare of local populations, and this presumption is reflected in the structure and functioning of the companies / groups / cooperatives that are dedicated to offer such a service.

The authentic Ecotourism should follow the following seven principles, both for those who operate services to those involved:

- Minimize the negative impacts to the environment and for the community, which generates the activity;
- Respect and build environmental awareness and culture;
- Provide positive experiences for visitors to the hosts;
- Provide direct financial benefits for conservation;
- Enhance participation in decision-making from the local community;
- Create sensitivity to the political climate, environmental and social performance of the host countries;
- Support universal human rights and labor laws.

Europe is the region of the world that receives and sends more tourists, namely that it is origin and destination of tourism in general, more than any other part of the planet.

Europeans are more environmentally aware, there is a major concern for using ecotourism as a tool for nature conservation and tourism and achieve a more respectful of the environment.

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The true ecotourism

Some governments and tourism industry by addressing the economic desirability ecotourism as equivalent to any kind of nature-based tourism.

Adventure tourism, sun and beach, camping, fishing or tourism for coexistence with nature is not necessarily ecotourism, in most cases it is only natural tourism or green tourism.

Much of what is presented as ecotourism worldwide, it really is just or "mild ecotourism", or "greenwashing", a mere claim by which images are used and the label of eco-tourism just as an advertising medium to attract tourists certain activities that do not really follow any of the principles and practices of ecotourism true.

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The evolution of the "Eco". An alternative way to practice ecotourism.

They are called "ecolodge" to hotels or shelters for ecotourism. The name comes from the English word "lodge" which means "home guard" and began to be used to appoint the hotels of the national parks of Kenya, because accommodations were small, with few rooms, located in protected areas and gave shelter to a small number of tourists.

The first "lodges were built by British colonizers and tried to imitate the huts of the natives, the colonial houses or even confused with nature.

At present the ecolodge have evolved in such a way as to serve any preference (tastes and demands) of the many lovers of ecotourism:

* Luxurious hotels, bungalows, cottages, resorts, camps with tents ...

All they have to meet a minimum of rules, through appropriate techniques of "eco-design, construction and biosostenible appropriate location, always pursuing the following goals:

* The minimum environmental impact
* Integration
* The proper comfort

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