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Active Tourism

Active tourism is seen as the realization of sports that are made in nature with a direct involvement by the tourist.

Sports activities are considered belonging to the tourism assets of:

* Walking (trekking), mountain climbing, paragliding, hang gliding, kayaking, rafting, canyoning, hydro (by the rapid decline in water), horse riding etc ...

The type of tourist who practices the dynamic in nature is young, dynamic source of urban, and has interest in a healthier life, looks after his body and needs to stay in touch with nature and the outdoors.

An Alternative Tourism: The Adventure Tourism

The Adventure Tourism pointing towards a tourism that advocates direct contact with nature, culture and historical heritage of peoples.

This is a tourism based on respect and deeper understanding of the natural environment and suggests that outdoor activities, sports and cultural activities in a rural setting.
Some of Adventure Tourism Activities include:

1 .- Programs for companies in the open (for outdoor businesses) - Programs aa measure for businesses, solutions or leisure to improve labor relations within a company.
2 .- Active Nature Programs
3 .- MULTIADVENTURE activities:

* Quads (4-wheel motorbikes)
* Ultralight
* Horse Riding
* Paintball (Sports strategy that consists of various tests of skill: Rescue Hostages Taking Town, Taking Flag ... etc)
* Bungee jumping
* Walking Routes
* Horse Riding
* Canoeing
* Archery
* Rappel
* Climbing
* Tibetan Tyrolese Bridge and Bridge
* Sailing
* Windsurfing, Surfing with a body board and banana (skibus)

Speleology: Landscapes incredible and fascinating to discover underground formations

The process of formation of the caves is very slow, about a million years. It all begins when water from the outside is by infiltrating the cracks or diaclasas, present in land sedimentary (limestone and dolomites).
When mixed with carbon dioxide in air, water turns into carbonic acid, making the action mecánianica Water is also great chemistry.
Throughout thousands of years this process eke out the rock formed galleries, shafts, chimneys...

These are exceptional scenarios in which the activities of caving, the sport of caving derived from the study of the caves where the early pioneers discovered the important physical effort (1) which required. Even today the spirit of the speleologists is to discover, explore and learn.

(1) In the caves we find mud, water and a very high humidity.
Move through a cave requires a crawl, crawl and climb ...

It is advisable to start in the sport of caving with a course in any of the clubs and federations of caving.

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